Business Activities

01 Consulting

Analysis, Conception, Planning 

  • Conceptual Network Planning
  • Analysis and Feasibility Studies
  • Organization Consulting
  • Process Management
  • Master Planning
  • Program Management
  • Sub -Project Planning
  • Structural Planning
  • Technical Design and Assistance
  • Budgetary Accounting
  • Funding

02 Design

Planning, Engineering 

  • Line & Network Planning
  • Implementation Planning
  • Project Development
  • Service Specifications
  • Technical, Commercial and Financial Design
  • Preparation of Technical Specifications

03 Acquisition

Contracting, Specifications 

  • Request for proposal  
  • Contract Specifications
  • Inquiry Process
  • Technical and Commercial Evaluation of Proposals
  • Contracting Recommendations
  • Supporting Services for Contract Designing

04 Roll out


  • General Contractor
  • Contractor Coordination
  • Civil Engineering
  • Inhouse-/Cabling
  • Copper & Fiber Installation
  • Construction Management/ Surveillance
  • Quality Control, Corrections, E-Construction File
  • Line & Route Measuring (OTDR/GPS/GIS)
  • Progress Monitoring & Reporting

05 Maintenance

Concepts, Processes 

  • Quality Assurance
  • Developing Testing Methods
  • Physical On-Site Testing
  • Preparation of Technical Inspections & Permission
  • Line Measuring Technology (OTDR)
  • Route Measuring Technology (GPS/GIS)
  • Authority Management
  • Approval with Authorities &
  • Final Documentation

06 Interface

GeoData & GIS

  • Project Controlling
  • Approval Procedures
  • Planning in GIS
  • Guidance of Construction & System Engineering Companies
  • Documentation before, during and after the construction phase

07 Training

Products, Systems

  • Designing of Training Concepts
  • Coordination & Organization of Training Courses
  • Moderation & Coaching
  • Concept Monitoring


Concepts, Financing Techniques

  • Budgeting
  • Budgetary Control
  • Designing Financial Concepts
  • Preparing  Funding Proposals
  • Financial Engineering
  • Financial Controlling & Reporting



 We offer you an effective resource management from conceptual design up until project realization. At the same time we take on the responsibility for managing the entire implementation chain.



With our integrated realization approach which covers the entire value added chain from planning realization to operation we have been  able to establish ourselves as a reliable partner for telecom enterprises, carriers and public authorities. We design customized solutions meeting requirements with our experience & interdisciplinary engineering teams. We have already completed over 4000 project orders: House connections, road constructions, MfBD – More Broadband for Germany, upgrading T-Mobile locations with copper, optical fiber, FTTx, LTE, Next Generation Networks – NGN, Next Generation Factory – NGF, Advanced Telecommunication Solutions – ATS.


We carry out site analysis and secure locations for you and thus ensure a smooth application process.

  • Photo documentation
  • CPC site analysis
  • Action proposal
  • Photomontage
  • Form processing
  • Situation map

We carry out road securing with the help of your planning, and support you in the formalities.

  • Identification of the pipeline route of planned engineering routes
  • Overview map of the study area
  • Megaplan maps to the required scale
  • Surface analysis on site or by remote sensing
  • Detailed marking of crossing train or hydro lines and forest areas
  • Chainage outside of settlement areas
  • Weekly feedback on the progress of work
  • Review and handover meetings
  • Individual design and adaptation of work to suit your needs
  • Optional: Filing with the competent offices
  • Rough & detailed planning from house connections to administrative units
  • Detailed planning from partial budgeting to major projects
  • Contractor briefing
  • Reconcilement with  stakeholders, public and private sector
  • Monitoring the contractor’s performance
  • Simple evidence procurement  and documentation
  • Monitoring the budget and evaluation of supplementary claims
  • Coordinating construction works (e.g. measurements and installations)
  • Organizing approvals
  • Quality control

Mapping and geo-coding with state-of-the-art GPS-techniques


Migration of complex project documentations using 2D, 3D and GIS software as well as SAP-supported inventory and accounting systems


Development of concepts and action plans for large scale projects/roll outs 

  • Eliminating needless process steps
  • Acceleration by parallelization
  • Illustrating Progress
  • Quality improvement
  • Standardization
  • Automation
  • Flexibilization
  • Outsourcing

Acting as a general contractor from planning, civil engineering, and installation to documentation, activity recording and invoicing


Taking charge in broadband consulting and feasibility studies, neutral actual state and demand analysis, surveying  existing telecom infrastructures as well as supporting  grant applications, proposal calls and contracting



We have mastered countless projects in Germany, Europe and around the world establishing ourselves as experienced and skilled service contractors for cities, communities , utilities, public services, telecom enterprises, carriers and to all stakeholders who are interested in innovative and value added project solutions. Independent of the project’s content: You receive a profound consulting service and an optimal project integration. Our ambitious employees are working to high level standards, while being science-based and economically efficient.

  • Planning and projecting of infrastructure projects
  • Documentation of entire constructions and facilities
  • Maintenance concepts
  • Testing and inspecting supply grids
  • Error analysis and systematic solution finding
  • Infotainment systems/GIS
  • Project management of major infrastructure projects
  • Surveying
  • Civil engineering: conduits and cabling
  • Signal/Control/Defense systems
  • Local traffic engineering
  • Power supply/Renewable energy
  • Traffic infrastructure
  • Interconnected mobility
Broadband Consulting

Broadband Consulting

We are successfully operating in the business areas Telecommunications&Networks, energy, engineering services and software development. Our clients appreciate our independence and professionalism and yet maintain long term customer relationships to internationally operating enterprises just as well as to public administration. MRK provides consulting services as an independent contact for towns and cities in the area of broadband and communication technology. This includes the expansion of copper and fiber networks as well as the verification of wireless connections. MRK has know-how of current funding programs ("Fast Internet in Bavaria"), supports the feasibility study, the grant application as well as the request  for proposals and contracting. The consistent development of high-performance broadband networks generates attractiveness for businesses and citizens. In the digital age the implementation of broadband infrastructure in Bavaria is a requirement to secure existent and future jobs and to improve standards of living, especially in rural areas.

Baseline Study

GIS supported data ascertainment for current state analysis

  • Local Operators: DTAG, M-Net, Vodafone, KD, O2 etc.
  • Insight into the regional broadband structure according to § 4f. BRRL (Directive of the European Parliament and Council establishing a framework for the protection of soil)
  • Cartographic representation of existing infrastructures such as empty conduits, cable ducts, passive components
  • Investigation on the Possibility of Co-laying
  • Quality of Supply: Bit Rates, Stability
  • Consumer &  Business Products
  • Costs
Potential Analysis

Investigation on the needs for private and commercial customers as well as establishing a spatial differentiated demand forecast including demographic developments

Determination of the assisted area
  • Definition of the construction targets (example FTTC) and feasible focusses of exploitation (FTTB)
  • Development of precise options (technology-neutral) for establishing the construction targets under  the respect of the entire conception of urban planning and infrastructures as well as the compiling of cornerstones
  • Technological scenarios: FTTC, FTTB, FTTH, Docsis 3.0, Vectoring, VDSL etc.
Regulatory Framework
  • Examination of the possibilities of public promotion (also apart from the bavarian broadband initiative) as well as the support  for applications, request for proposals and allocations
  • Regulation
  • Abetment & Market Distortions
  • Exclusive Distribution or Cooperative Selling
  • Foundation of a Limited Liability Company as a Subsidiary
  • Involvement of Smart Metering
Business/Organisation Models
  • Renting
  • Managed Service
  • Open Access
  • Cooperative Selling
  • Exclusive Distribution
Business Plan

Development of distinctive alternatives to the business plan depending on the business model


Course of action presentation and recommendations for further proceedings



In the context of software development we initially engage in its organization and work flows of its operation. A case-specific organization consultation, coordinated application training as well as concomitant support are important elements for a successful implementation.


Use of process management tools and web applications to have an overview of the project progress of own and external activities. Easier capturing and controlling of complex and extensive projects in line with major Roll-Outs using the Web-Information-Systems WISyS® 

  • Capturing Performance Ratios
  • Capturing Milestones and Project Progress
  • Notifications
  • Analysis and Reporting

Conception and development of  public transport automobile industry

  • Passenger Information
  • Sound Exposure Facilities
  • Surveillance Camera
  • Telematics
  • Navigation